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Jaipur & Our Jewellery

As the capital of India’s Rajasthan State, Jaipur is a city of royal heritage with beautiful pink hued buildings and chaotic and colourful streets. In the midst of this mayhem is where the story of In Association With began. The collection is inspired by traditional Indian art and the ethnic jewellery pieces I saw in the markets and bazaars.
After designing the earrings we found an established fair-trade jewellery manufacturer with a factory in Jaipur that were able to create some samples for us. The following photos document our time in the factory where we changed elements of the designs and picked out gemstones and plating options.It was of utmost importance for us to find a manufacturer that takes pride in providing safe conditions for all staff and a respectful & inclusive working environment where products are not made by exploiting vulnerable workers.
The factory we work with offers a fair wage and free medical checkups every month for their craftsmen and women. They are committed to working alongside a Fairtrade policy, actively supporting local development projects, handicapped children and education for women.
The journey of our products is central to the concept of In Association With. Telling the whole story from initial design to reaching the hands that make our products whilst shining a light on the culture and country of origin will play a key role in our storytelling and brand image.
Ethics is also a key pillar. Everyone in our supply chain is paid fairly, at every step. As we grow, we want more involvement proactively helping the communities and countries we source our products.
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