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Guyub Dumpling Bag #2

Guyub Dumpling Bag #2

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The Guyub Dumpling Bags have all been ethically produced in Bali, Indonesia.

To minimize wastage we have used the left over fabric from the smock dresses to create these cute matching drawstring bags.

The fabric has been handpicked in the town of Sideman from local craftswomen and family enterprises that weave this Endek on their handlooms either at home or in the local workshops. Endek is a Balinese weft Ikat cloth that is part of the islands cultural heritage and holds great historical traditions from skills that are passed down through generations. This form of weaving requires the highest level of skill to ensure precise patterns are woven and is considered to be the premiere form of Ikat. 

Due to the nature of the weave and construction, there may be slight inconsistencies in the pattern. These are not flaws. On the contrary, each piece of woven Ikat is totally unique and special in its own right.

Guyub definition

It’s hard to define guyub with a single equivalent word, but it can be understood as a collective decision to join one another “in togetherness.” The Indonesian concept drives families and friends to come together in harmony and teaches individuals to put the self in an existential context. It transcends an understanding about who you are internally, as well as where you are in connection with the people around you.