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In Association With was established at the end of 2016 whilst on a trip to India. Lauren, (founder and designer) was inspired by the sights and sounds of such an exciting and culture rich environment.
Being in India, inspired her to create a brand that celebrates the beauty of different cultures and countries by working directly with the country of origin; introducing consumer awareness to the source of their fashion choices and understanding the story of their beginnings.


In Association With is a brand that focuses on collaboration and documentation of the journey our pieces make, from concept to creation. We want to highlight the connection between you and the origins of your fashion purchases. The jewellery, garments and accessories you buy all have origins, whether that be what they’re inspired by, where the raw materials have come from or who made them. In order for them to exist there has to be a story behind them. We hope to tell you those tales.

It’s important in this world of ever-increasing consumerism that we put more thought into where the products we are purchasing originate. Consideration leads to a greater appreciation and understanding of the process of production, the creator and only then, ultimately for the item purchased.
In Association With strives to create in an ethical and transparent manner. These are essential factors to our brand principles, that in turn allows you to truly treasure each item you buy from us knowing it has been crafted with love in a safe and fair working environment.
In an effort to encourage a step towards reducing throwaway fast fashion culture and mass production, In Association With creates quality pieces in small quantities that aim to capture the essence of the culture of origin whilst working with craftspeople, artisans and suppliers who have ethical and fair trade policies in place.
We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our production timeline and how our collections are created.
Please take a look at the journal section of the website if you would like to know a bit more about our creation processes or reach out to us at hello@inassociationwith.com


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